11Natalya Kudryavtseva  started her acting and singing career in the childhood.

At the age of 11 she became the winner of the singing Talent show “Eniseysk’s got Talent” in Eniseysk town.

At the age of 13 she became the winner of the music contest “Magic microphone” in Lesosibirsk town and Krasnoyarsk city.

There were no doubts of the future perspectives and career choice as Natalya has always been creative and artistic person.

Natalya has been graduated from Krasnoyarsk University of Music and Drama, acting department, actress of movies and cinematography.

untitled-4Natalya was invited to star in Samara Drama Theatre after graduation as being the leading and gifted student.

Theatre career started with the musical performance “The Sound of Music” in 2003, where she starred with the part of Maria Rainer.

Then she got fame and recognition and became one of the leading actresses with such parts as:

Constance (Amadeus by Peter Shaffer)
Beatrice (The Venetian Twins by Carlo Goldoni)
Barbara (Run For Your Wife by Ray Cooney)
Virginia (Monsieur Amilcar by Yves Jamiaque)
Pam (Ladies’ night by Stéfan Sinclair)

In 2006 Natalya started her professional career in Moscow.

She joined the international festival “Seasons” performance where artists of Helicon Opera and Natalya acted in German language performance.

The same year Natalya started Auding movies. Her unique voice can be heard in many films, series and commercials.

x_ee2ed06dBeing a choirmaster, Natalya worked for the musical background of the children performance “Karlson-on-the-roof” of the art-center Triumph. At the same time she starred two parts – Astrid and Bethan.

In 2010 Natalya recorded the Russian version of the Music Trade Company CD – Winx Club and became the Russian Winx voice.

In 2011 and 2013 Natalya was directing musical part of the great Christmas shows for the children ordered by the biggest radio station in Russia — Children Radio. Natalya was working with the actors and singers, building the concept of the entertaining episodes with vocal and music parts.

dsc_9447Alongside with all these projects Natalya collaborated with the cover-band “Oscar Band”, and in due time created her own cover band “Vernisage”.

Experienced, skillful and purposeful lady also became the leading teacher of art studio for teenagers in architectural college. Natalya teaches basis of acting. Students take part in festivals and concerts. She was awarded with the special prize for input and successful work in Moscow teenage world in 2012 by local authorities.

In 2013 – 2014 Natalya dubbed-in one of the main heroines Jocelyn Carver (Jess Macallan) in the popular TV series Mistresses by ABC, broadcast by FoxLife.

In 2015 Natalya wins the international competition and performs on the stage of world famous Carnegie Hall in New York.

In 2016 Natalya starts writing her own songs and instrumentals and gets the Ammended award of the British songwriting competition for the first ever made song «Miracle».

Natalya’s abilities and repertoire are unique.

Being talented drama actress Natalya feels the idea and plot of the song, lives the life of the heroes of any melody, sharing all emotions with the spectators. They feel as being part of this magical diving into the world of music, participate in every detail of the composition.

Natalya sings various programs but the pearl of the collection is Latino program.

16Passionate rhythms of hot and sunny countries, beauty of the Spanish language – that’s what makes people love deeper, feel stronger and move more excited on the dance floor. Salsa, Bachata, Meringue, Cumbia, Rumba, Flamenco are melodies which Natalya absorbed travelling around world of Spanish and Latino culture. Natalya has visited Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, and Spain, shared experience with local musicians.

Romantic program is based upon the French melodies and world hits. France is the symbol of love and tenderness. The French music can awake feelings, develop them and support the fire of everlasting love. Natalya has wide French repertoire for excellent Love mood.

1_219Natalya also sings Rock-and-Roll program, World Hits, Disco 70-80-90th (Italian and English languages), Russian popular songs, OSTs and many other things which may make your evening unforgettable




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